Henry George Moore

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Location of Birth: 
Woody , CA
United States

Henry George Moore was born on July 19, 1890 in the rural Granite Station area, Kern County, California.  Henry was the third child of George Henry Moore and first child of from the marriage of George Henry Moore and Laura Zania Fraizer.  Henry was never married and died in at the age of 89 in Bakersfield, Kern County, California on January 15, 1980.  Henry was affectionately known by most as "Uncle" George.

About 1914, Henry applied for a land patent of 315 acres of land pursuant to the Homestead Act of 1862, as amended by the Enlarged Homestead act of 1909.  Henry conformed to all the requirements under the act and was granted a the land patent on May 10, 1919.  His homestead was within Section eleven and twelve of Township twenty-five south, Range twenty-five east of the Mount Diablo Meridian.


The following link will provide general information on the Homestead Act and its two amendments; as well as information summarizing Henry's contribution to accumulation of lands acquired by the Moore's, Johnson's and Wallace's under the Homestead Act.  





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