What are we trying to accomplish?

The purpose of this site is to capture the history and lives of people that are directly related to Roger Mark Moore and Randal Scott Moore from our father's side of my family.

Objective #1 - to compile the known facts, images stories and hearsay about my family members, and present this information into a description of the life events of each person. 

Objective #2 - provide a platform that allows users to copy any images and any information this site has to offer.

Objective #3 - allow users of this site to share their own facts, images, stories, corrections, and heresay about any family member on this site.This site has been active for several months, and its development is in its infancy.

It is my hope that when any individual enters this site, family member or not, they will have an opportunity to learn more about the person or persons they have an interest in.  In no case is the story complete on any individual, their is always information to contribute.

Roger M. Moore, the son of Herman Eugene Moore


Welcome to Moore Genealogy!

If you have additional information on any one of the people you see on this website Please submit it!