Dell Dewey Moore

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Location of Birth: 
Woody , CA
United States

Dell Dewy Moore was born on September 5, 1894, at his parents house on Grizzley Gulch, near Woody, Kern County, California.  He was the second child of George Henry Moore and Laura Zania "Frazier" Moore and had seven siblings: Henry George (born 1890), John Shelley (born 1996), Charles Joseph (born 1901), Violet Pearl (born 1903), Byron Ray (born 1905), Gladys Laura (born 1908) and Ila Mae (born 1910).  With the exception of his oldest brother Henry George, John and his six youngest siblings were born in their parents house on Grizzley Gulch. 

Laura, and all seven children born at the house in Grizzley Gulch, were assited in birth by the local mid-wife Urith "Bouse" Wallace, the wife of James Marion Wallace, a local rancher.  Urith was more commonly known as "Uta".

Dell was also a half-sibling of Nathan Washington Moore (born 1879) and Virginia Pearl Moore (born 1881), the children of George's first wife Maria Sostanes "Flores" Moore, who died in 1883.

Dell married Alice Elizabeth Zeller (commonly known as "Allie") on June 16, 1914 in Kern County, California.  Dell and Allie had one child: Danna Myrle (born 1920).   

The Moore children remained close during their lives, not only as a family but in the spouses they chose.  Dell and his brother Joe married two sisters from Glennville, Allie Zeller and Betty Zeller.  Furthermore, Dell and Joe's brother John married the first cousin of Allie and Betty, Mable Virginia Zeller, also from Glennville.

Dell died in on his ranch off the Blue Mountain Road near Woody, from a self inflicted gunshot wound on September 13, 1960..  Dell sixty-six at the time of his death.  Dell and Allie had been married for forty-six years.  He was buried in the Moore Plot at the  Blue Mountain Cemetery in Woody.


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