Byron Ray Moore

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Location of Birth: 
Woody , CA
United States

Byron Ray Moore was born on January 8, 1905, at his parents ranch house on Grizzly Gulch, near the rural town of Woody, in Kern County, California.  Byron was the sixth child of George Henry Moore and Laura Zania "Frazier" Moore.  Byron had five siblings: Henry George (born 1890), Dell Dewy (born 1894), John Shelley (born 1996), Charles Joseph (born 1901) and Violet Pearl (born 1903). 

The circumstances of Byron's death id still in development) 

Byron died on September 20, 1909 at his home on Grizzly Gulch.  Byron is buried next to his sister Violet, in the Moore plot at the Blue Mountain Cemetery in Woody.  Byron and Violet have a common headstone.


Memorial of Byron Ray Moore - (Courtesy of Find-A-Grave)


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