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United States

Nancy Alameda Whisman was born in Missouri on March 18, 1844.  She was the daughter of John Washington Whisman (1806-1871) and Ann Margaret "King" Whisman (1814-1854).  Nancy had six siblings: Mary Elizabeth (born 1840), Julianna (born 1841), Ann Whisman (born 1845), John Sutter Whisman (born 1846), Joseph Palmer (born 1849), and Frances Margaret (born 1851).

In May of 1846, Nancy, her parents John and Margarette, and her three sisters Mary Elizabeth, Julinanna, and Ann (an infant) traveled with the Russell-Boggs wagon train from Missouri to Sutters Fort, in California.  Ann, Nancy's youngest sister, died during the journey and is buried in an unknown location along the California Trail. 

The Russell-Boggs wagon train arrived at Sutters Fort on October 10, 1846.  The Mexican-American War (1846-1847) was underway.  The Whisman family spent some time recovering from their journey across the plains, then proceeded to the Spanish mission in Santa Clara, where the family stayed until the end of the Mexican War.  Nancy's father joing the conflict by enlisting with John Fremont's regiment on November 1.  The war lasted only a few more months and John was discharged from service on February 15, 1847.  John 


Nancy married Jeptha Pascoe in 1859 in a unknown location.  They had eight children over a twenty-two year period:  Henry Lee (born 1864), Esther Frances (born 1867), Leora Margit (born 1873), Mary Belle Pascoe (born 1875), Clarence J. (born 1878), Emma Leah (born 1880), Ernest Aubory (born 1883) and Addie Carl (born 1886).

Nancy's husband, Jeptha Pascoe, passed-away in 1902,  they had been married forty-three years.  Nancy never remarried and died of complications of a throat hemorrhage on April 24, 1917, at the age of seventy-three.  She is buried near her husband of forty-three years in the Oak Grove Cemetery, in Glennville.  (Allie's story is under construction)


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