Julianna Whisman

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Location of Birth: 
Platte City , MO
United States


Julianna Whisman was born in Platte City, Platte County, Missouri on November 12, 1841.  She was the second child of John Washington Whisman and Ann Margaret King.  Julianna had five siblings: Mary Elizabeth  (1840-1909), Alameda Nancy (1844-1917), John Sutter (1846-1924), Joseph Palmer (1849-1931) and Frances Margaret Whisman (1851-1870).

Julianna (age 21) married Joel Cross (age 39) in Santa Clara County, California, on August 6, 1863. They had four children over the course of eight years: John Cross (1864-1959), Asa Addison (1867-1959), Margaret Ann (1840-1892), and Elizabeth (1873-1948).  Joel passed away just over a year after the death of their last child, Elizabeth, in 1875.

Julianna (age 36) married her second husband, William Joshua Grant (age 55), in a unknown location in 1877.  William passed away sometime after the 1900 Census was taken on June 1, 1900.  At that time, Julianna and William had been married twenty-three years and had no children.  Julianna never remarried and died on February 8, 1924 in Bakersfield, Kern County, California.  She is buried in a unmarked grave in the Union Cemetery in Bakersfield.


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