Parthenia Jane Hitchcock

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Location of Birth: 
Jackson County , MO
United States

Parthenia Jane Hitchcock was born on June 9, 1849, in Jackson County, Missouri.  She was the daughter of Issac Hitchcock Jr. and Elizabeth Ross.  Parthenia had at least seven siblings: John Green Hitchcock (born 1835), Elizabeth Frances Hitchcock (born 1838), Andrew P Hitchcock (born 1840), William Franklin Hitchcock (born 1847), Charles Webber Hitchcock (born 1854), Issac Allen Hitchcock (born 1859), and James Madison Hitchcock (born 1858).

Parthenia married Benjamin Frazier on July 3, 1863, in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.  They were married for twenty-nine years and had at least nine children between 1867 and 1892:  Benjamin Issac Frazier (born 1867), Laura Zania Frazier (born 1871), Andrew W. Frazier (born 1874), Minnie A. Frazier (born 1876), Charles Joseph Frazier (born 1878), Alice May Frazier (born 1881), Henry George Frazier (born 1885), Olive Edna Frazier (born 1888), and Oda Floy Frazier (born 1892).

Parthenia died on November 20, 1892, in Kern County, California.  She was forty-three years old when she passed away.

Parthenia was buried in the xxx plot and the Blue Mountain Cemetery in Woody. Click on the blue text to view the Memorial of Parthenia Jane "Hitchcock" Frazier



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