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Location of Birth: 
Rowan County , NC
United States

Nathan W. Moore was born in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1833.  He was the son of George Moore and Elizabeth Humphras.  Nathan's two brothers, Aquilla Franklin Moore (born 1837) and George Harrison Moore (born 1840), were also born in North Carolina. Nathan's parents moved their family from North Carolina to Lafayette County, Missouri, sometime between 1840 and 1846. Nathan's sister, Amanda C. Moore, was born in Lafayette County in 1846.  In June of 1850, Nathan and his three siblings were living with their parents on their farm in Lafayette County.

Nathan (age 26) married Julina Ann Johnson (age 15) in Lafayette County on January 24, 1854. They had their first child, Eliza Jane Moore, in 1855, and their second child, George Harrison Moore, in 1858.  In June of 1860, Nathan and Julina and their two children were living in the home of his brother Aquilla and his family.  Their third and last child was John Wiley Moore, was born in October of 1860. 

During the Civil War, Nathan enlisted for three years in the Union Army in Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 30, 1863. He was six feet tall, had blue eyes and dark hair. He was a private assigned to the in 1st Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery.  Nathan's unit moved from Fayetteville to Springfield, Missouri in late April or early May of that year. It does not appear that Nathan was involved in any conflict, but he became sick with dysentery and died at the General Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, on May 15, 1863.  At the time of his death, Nathan owned one cap, two jackets, one pair of trousers, three shirts, two pair of drawers, one pair of boots, three pairs of stockings, a knapsack and no money.  He was buried in the Soldiers Cemetery in Springfield.  Nathan's body was later removed from the Soldiers Cemetery and buried in the Springfield National Cemetery after its opening in 1867.  He is buried in Section 18, grave number 1013.

His widow applied for a pension for herself and a minor child on March 21, 1866.  The disposition of that action is not known at this time, further research is ongoing.

Additional notes: Nathan listed his birth place as Davie County, North Carolina.  However, this county did not exist until it split out of Rowan County in 1836.  So most likely, Nathan was born in Rowan County.  

Nathan's wife, Julina, bought the "Johnson Family Bible" in 1883.  Included among the many vital statistics of her family, Nathan's death is recorded in the bible as September 11, 1863. (info provided by Cheryl Hoffman)  This information is in conflict by four days with that reported on Nathan's discharge and other papers. 

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