Mable Virginia Zeller

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Location of Birth: 
Glennville, Kern County , CA
United States

Mable, as she was commonly known,  was born in Glennville on May 16, 1895.  She was the first of the six children of Edward Newton Zeller and Esther Frances Pascoe.  Mable's five siblings were: Paul Jeptha Zeller (born 1896), Alfred Francis Zeller (born 1897), Zona Belle Zeller (born 1901), Vernon Edward Zeller (born 1902) and Ruth Esther Zeller (born 1905.

Mable married John Shelley Moore in 1919,  shortly after the end of WWI in.  They had three children in the course of three and a half years: Eleanor Rae Moore (born 1920), Chester Byron Moore (born 1921) and Russell Laurence Moore (born 1924).  

Mable's husband, John, died on December 29, 1965.  Mable and John had been married for forty-six years.  Mable never remarried.  Twenty-three years later, Mable died of heart failure at her home near Grizzly Gulch, on April 26, 1989.   Mable is buried next to John in the Blue Mountain Cemetery in Woody.

Notes from Roger -

  •  Virginia Mable Zeller was my first cousin 1x removed.  Her mother, Esther Frances Pascoe, was my 2nd great-aunt.  Esthers parents and Virginia's grandparents, Jeptha Pascoe and Alameda Nancy "Whisman" Pascoe, were my 2nd great-grandparents. 
  • Virginia's father, Edward Newton Zeller, was my 2nd great-uncle.  Edward's parents and Virginia's grandparents, Samuel Alfred Zeller and Mary Emmert "Startzman" Zeller, were also my 2nd great-grandparents.


  • Virginia's 1st cousin, Alice Ellizabeth "Zeller" married my great-uncle Dale Dewey Moore.  Dale's father was George Henry Moore, my great-grandfather. Alice's parents were William Henry Zeller and Mary Belle "Pascoe" Zeller.  They were also my great-grandparents..
  • Virginia's 1st cousin, Betty Belle Zeller, married my grand-father Charles Joseph Moore.  They????????????????
  • Virginia's 1st cousin Edna Francis Zeller married my great-uncle Dell Washington Johnson.




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