Elizabeth Humphras

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Location of Birth: 
United States

Elizabeth Humphras was born in North Carolina, about 1808.  I have no information on her parents.  Elizabeth married George Moore in Rowan County, North Carolina on December 18, 1827,  Elizabeth and George had two children that were born in North Carolina: Nathan W. (born 1833, Aquilla Franklin (born (1837), and George Harrison (born 1840).


Elizabeth and George moved their family from North Carolina to Lafayette County, Missouri, sometime between 1840 and 1846. They had their fourth and last child, Amanda C., after they arrived in Lafayette County, in 1846.  In June of 1850, Elizabeth, Geroge and their three children were living with their parents on their farm in Lafayette County.  Elizaberh and George owned their own farm, and it was valued at $500.




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