Edward Newton Zeller

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Location of Birth: 
United States

Edward Newton Zeller was born in Maryland on August 28, 1869.  He was the son of Samuel Alfred Zeller (1846-1921) and Mary Emmert Startzman (1850-1892).  Edward had four siblings: Bettie V. (born 1841), William Henry (born 1874), Samuel H. (born 1875 and Charles C. (born 1878).  Edwards mother died on xxxx and his father married Narcissa Millie Rogers in 1895.  Edwards father and Narcissa had one child: Edwards half-sibling Frank Ernest. (born 1896). 

Edward married Esther Frances Pascoe in 1894, they had six children:over the course of ten years: Paul Jeptha (born 1896), Alfred Francis (born 1897), Zona Belle (born 1901), Vernon Edward (born 1902), and Ruth Esther (born 1905).  Esther died in Kern County on September 29, 1906  Edward and Esther had been married twelve years. 

Edward later married Anna Harrison in 1910.  Anna died in ion Fresno County in 1960.  Edward and Anna had been married fifty years.  Edward died three years later in Fresno County on December 23, 1963.  Edward is burried in the West Selma Cemetery, Fresno County, California.


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