Arabelle Suston Moore

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Location of Birth: 
Rural Granite Station, Kern County , CA
United States

Arabelle Suston Moore was born on December 5, 1917 at her parents  home on their homestead near Granite Station, Kern County, California.  She was the youngest child of Nathan Washington Moore  (1879-1971) and Maude Mable Golden (1893-1966).  Arabelle had three siblings: Richard Raymond Moore (born 1912), Bertha Lela Moore (born 1914), and Lawrence Tearra Moore (born 1915).

Arabelle was commonly referred to as "Ardy" most of her life.  She married Paul Raymond Hurst on April 2, 1938 in San Diego.  Ardy and Paul had two children: Dennis Wayne Hurst (1941-2013) & Chris Golden Hurst (1946-Living).  

Ardy's husband, Paul, died of cancer on July 29, 1982, in Newport Beach, Orange County, California.  He was buried in the Blue Mountain Cemetery, in Woody, California.  

Ardy fell at her home in Costa Mesa on her 101st  birthday, breaking three ribs and puncturing a lung.  She succumbed to her injuries three days later on December 8, 2018.  Ardy will be buried next to her husband of forty-four years, Paul Raymond Hurst, at the Blue Mountain Cemetery. in Woody, California.  You can visit her grave site by single clicking on the blue following blue text: Ardy's memorial and gravesite (courtesy of Find-S-Grave).

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